Some of the Best

Some of the Best

May 16, 2019

Hunting in Hawaii has a multitude of environmental benefits but let’s put all of that aside for a moment. The simple fact is hunting in Hawaii is incredible and it is some of the very best in all of the United States and the entire world.

With the variety of free-range species in close proximity, different microclimates, sub tropical weather, accessibility, and all around beauty puts Hawaii in elite company.

Where else can you hunt for purely wild Axis Deer, Black Hawaiian Sheep, Mouflon Sheep, Polynesian Boar, Spanish Goat, Laceneck Dove, Rio Grande Turkey, pheasant and Francolin Grouse all within approximately 100 miles from each other?

This amount of variety is hard to find and one of the many reasons we strongly urge interested hunters to book an expedition with Pat Fisher at Hawaii Safaris. Come see for yourself why Hawaii is one of the best and most diverse hunting locations in the world.