More than Deer Hunting: Game Bird Hunting in Hawaii

More than Deer Hunting: Game Bird Hunting in Hawaii

June 8, 2019

There’s never a lack of entertaining things to do in Hawaii, but hunting in short sleeves with the vast Pacific Ocean providing the backdrop, while scanning for a wide variety of wild-flushing game birds on the lush slopes of a volcano, ranks at the top of my hunting bucket list.

Hunting in Hawaii isn’t on many hunters radar since the islands are more synonymous with surfing and hula dancing. We are here to inform you Hawaii has some of the best hunting in the world and it’s not all about big game either. Hawaii has an astounding variety of 14 different game birds, which provide a challenge in its own right.

All of the game birds were introduced to the islands for one reason or another and are located mostly in upland sections in dry, scrubby areas.

The birds on offer are:
Ring Necked Pheasant, Green Pheasant, Khali Pheasant, Gray, Black and Erckels Francolin, Chukar Partridge, California Quail, Japanese Quail, Gambels Quail, Chestnut Sand Grouse, 3 species of dove, (including Laceneck) and the Rio Grande Turkey.

Part of the excitement – and challenge – of hunting game birds is that you simply don’t know, from moment to moment, what’s going to flush. Most are agile and intelligent and each has it’s own challenging personality. Hawaii Safaris specializes in hunting Black and Gray Francolins as well as Laceneck Dove between Nov- Jan. on the island of Maui but can arrange other locations as well.