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What is a typical day of hunting like?

Our hunts are spot and stalk and we typically walk into strategic vantage points and glass for our game.

What are your success rates?

We have averaged a 99% success rate over the past 26 years of guiding.

What are your seasons?

Our big game hunting is year round and managed by quarters by each ranch that we guide on. Upland bird hunting runs from November through January. Our Spring Gobbler season runs from March 1 through April 14 on the big Island of Hawaii.

Where is the best place to stay?

Kona, Hawaii is the best place to stay for hunting on the big island of Hawaii. Maui resort areas range from a 30-60 minute drive of our ranches. Molokai condos are within 20 minutes of our ranches and we can Reserve them at a discounted rate.

How far is a typical shot?

Average shots range from 100 to 350 yards and we have several custom, accurate rifles that guests are welcome to use.

What should I wear / bring for the hunt?

Lightweight breathable camouflage clothing, comfortable boots, a day pack, binoculars, hat sunscreen, light waterproof jacket and a HI hunt license.

How do I obtain and how much is a Hawaii hunting license?

Our $105 HI hunting license can be purchased online with a hunter safety card. No tags are needed for the private land that we guide on.

What is the easiest way to get an online hunter safety card?

Visit this link.

When is the best time of year to hunt?

Our big game hunting is good throughout the year. The prime months for axis deer are from mid March through October with the majority of bucks rutting from mid May through mid July. We do have one ranch that has good winter rut activity.

How is the fishing?

We have great near shore fishing for AmberJack, Giant Trevally and Snapper on Maui and Moloka’i. Kona on the BI has world class blue marlin, spearfish and big yellow fin tuna.

How do I get my trophy home?

We have several great taxidermists locally that you can use to mount or prep and send capes and horns/antlers to.

What do I do with my meat?

We can de-bone, package and freeze your meat and it is easiest / cheapest to take it home frozen in a cooler as luggage.

What is the weather like?

Over 95% of our hunt days are sunny with the average temperature being 60-65 degrees in the morning and warming up to 80 degrees during the day. At higher elevations, it can get cool in the AM/PM.

Should I get a rental car?

It is highly recommended, although on Molokai hunts it is not necessary.