Pua’a – A Hawaiian Staple

Pua’a – A Hawaiian Staple

June 4, 2019

Crafty and intelligent, feral pigs/boars are the target of choice for many local Hawaii hunters (because you can’t have a luau without a delicious pig roasting in an underground IMU!).

Known as Pua’a in Hawaiian, Pig hunting in Hawaii is centuries old and it continues to be an important cultural and economic pursuit for many of Hawaii families.

The Pua’a was brought to Hawaii by Captain Cook as a walking food source for their journey in the late 1700’s. Through the years, these pigs have been genetically modified by breeding with other species of pig that were also introduced to the islands. Many of the pigs caught by us on our hunts show these different genetic traits… they are “super” pigs, and tasty too!

Wild pigs have damaging hoofs and like to dig up vegetation in search of their food source. This causes significant damage to Hawaii’s rainforest ecosystems and delicate native vegetation. Hunters help the land by keeping the wild pig population under control through hunting. Hawaii Safaris offers some of the best pig hunting in the Hawaiian Islands and we invite you to come experience one of the oldest Hawaiian traditions there is. We have pig hunts on Maui, Lanai, Big Island or Molokai.