Only a Hunter Knows the Feeling

Only a Hunter Knows the Feeling

June 6, 2019

As a hunter, all of your planning comes down to that golden moment when you’ve got your target in the crosshairs and you’re ready to fire. Breathe easy, stay calm and take that big inhale..

There are many emotions that go into hunting, and most are intense. Every hunt offer both failure and reward, though it is the journey more so than the outcome that is most satisfying.

We have many guests join us at Hawaii Safaris who bring younger family members for their first hunt. We genuinely love these opportunities because we have a chance to introduce the next generation to a sport and indeed a lifestyle that we love so much.

We teach respect for the animals, the land, and the hunting culture… and we aim to share these feelings with you, whether it be success or failure. Whether a first timer or a seasoned hunter, one thing that is certain is that joining us and hunting deer in Hawaii will be an experience, and indeed a feeling, that only a hunter can know and love.