Fletch isn’t just a movie name.

Fletch isn’t just a movie name.

May 22, 2019

Precise, effective arrow fletching is one of the most important aspects in bow hunting in order for your arrow to fly straight to its target. Hunting in Hawaii’s outdoor, rocky, wet climate can sometime wreak havoc on your fletching.

We know that attaching feathers or plastic vanes on the end of an arrow will help that projectile fly straight but which one is right for me when I hunt in Hawaii?

In a basic sense, you are going to want fletching that will stabilize your arrow without robbing it of speed. Long 4-5” feathers will provide excellent stability but will rob it of speed and being outdoors in the elements, we need speed and a material that won’t get waterlogged like a feather can and that’s where plastic vanes come in handy.

A common fletching you will see on bowhunters arrows in Hawaii these days are not feathers but 2 to 3 inch plastic vanes that will give enough stabilization and speed while remaining durable, weatherproof and require less maintenance.

The choice is up to you but what’s certain is when you know you can put an arrow anywhere you want within your range you’ll shoot with conviction and confidence and this could be your best asset.