Deer, Oh Dear

Deer, Oh Dear

May 14, 2019

There is trouble in paradise and it comes in the form of Axis Deer. They are literally running amok on the island of Maui. But, it’s not all demise and doom since it’s bringing out hunters that are salivating at the thought of helping to thin out the herd.

Thought to be more than 100,000 strong on Maui alone, Axis deer are putting native vegetation and wildlife at risk and also pressuring Maui’s small craft farms that primarily exist here. With no predators to contend with hunting on the Valley isle and our other islands is not only fulfilling for a hunter, it’s necessary for native island preservation.

For example, my friend was hunting last weekend on a farm in Kula, Maui. Within the first 5 minutes of his hunt he ran into a herd of 100 deer. Another 45 minutes later he ran in to a different herd of 60-70 and just at dusk at the far end of the property watched a herd of 200-250 run over a hill. And this is all on a small 50-acre property. With these

realistic numbers, it’s not likely one will get skunked on one of our expeditions. We have an over 99% success rate in our 26 years of guiding in Hawaii.
Come quench that salivation, help the environment and create your own statistics with Hawaii Safaris on a Maui hunting trip for Axis Deer. You won’t forget it.