Axis to many Deer

Axis to many Deer

May 20, 2019

It’s spring in Hawaii and we are seeing some great horn growth on our Hawaii Axis Deer. In just a short while, many will be rubbed and hard horned for the rut this summer. If you have ever wanted to chase a trophy Axis Deer this may be the summer to do it.

With Hawaii’s diverse microclimates, many areas where our target species roam are arid and dry conditions but this winter has produced some good moisture for vegetation growth.

Hunters often ask when Hawaii Axis Der are in velvet and hard horned? It is fair to say that you can find hard-horned deer at any time of the year however, many animals will be in velvet from January through April with a hard horned phase lasting through August.

Hawaii Safaris offers chase spot-and-stalk hunts for trophy Hawaii Axis Deer on the islands of Maui and Molokai. Many bucks harvested will reach 30 inches in length and occasionally push 34′′. They are impressive trophies with amazing hides that add a touch of exotic to your man, or woman cave.