A Gobbler, Really?

A Gobbler, Really?

May 12, 2019

Hawaii has some unique introduced species and the Rio Grande Turkey is no exception. Hunting in Hawaii with Hawaii Safaris on our 2 1⁄2 day gobbler Big Island excursions are as unique as the birds themselves.

Bow hunting for the gobblers is one of the preferred methods and there is no secret that this elevates the difficulty level considerably. Even if you are an expert bow hunter we have compiled a couple tips that may help your success rates considerably.

Aim Small – A strutting turkey is deceivingly huge. When you take away the turkey
feather there is little left to shoot. So, instead of just aiming at the bird having a specific feather to aim at is important. Generally, lining up your pins at the final wing joint will point at the heart.

Take Your Time- A gobbling, spitting, strutting turkey can generate a lot of excitement at the moment. If the turkey is excited it’s easy to take the shot the second the turkey stops moving. It’s much wiser to let the turkey calm down before taking your shot. When everything feels right, breathe deeply and take your shot. If you miss don’t fret, it’s only a bird and every missed shot is a lesson learned for the next time.